Saturday, August 21, 2010

Post Updates

Epitaph/ SST Theory:
Weezer is now on Epitaph Records

The Nursing Home:
My brother used to hate his job. He used to say how much he wanted to quit and how sucky his job was. But after a year, he got used to it. He loves his job. He calls it, "playtime".

It took me a couple weeks. I like my job now. The morning people (half of them at least) are cooler to work with and are less douche bag-ish. I've gotten used to it. I've gotten to the point that I'm now relaxed at work. Relaxed enough to half-ass the job. If I'm hungry, I make myself a sandwhich. When I'm thirsty I grab a drink from the fountain (it's all free!). I do all this when the boss isn't looking. Instead of a hair-net I wear my red hat. I like my job. It's too bad I'm giving my 2 weeks notice on Monday. Hopefully next summer I could come back.