Monday, October 4, 2010


"Unity, as one stands together"
- "Unity" by Operation Ivy

It's blacks vs whites. The religious vs athiests. Bloods vs Crips. The liberals vs the conservatives. The Shiites vs the Sunnis. Team Edward vs Team Jacob. It's bullshit.

Everyone's preachin about peace, love, and unity. "Love, not hate!" "Love thy neighbor." But everyone still has a problem with each other. "God hates gays!" "It's those lazy Mexicans!" "Religion has to go!" "Those black people are criminals!"

Yeah? You want unity? So in order to obtain it, we gotta take out the "bad" groups? Well... ok, then let's start shall we? Let's take out the religious people. Especially the catholics. They're just a bunch of ignorant, closed minded people who believe in nonsense. Let's take out the Americans. They're all lazy fat-asses with nothing better to do then blame other people for shit. Let's take out the punks. They're all just a bunch of no-life elitists who live in the gutter their whole life. Let's take out the Italians. All they do is work out, get tanned, and party. Let's take out the hippies. They're just a bunch of burnouts who don't contribute to society. Let's take out the vegetarians and vegans. "Affection, not dissection! Meat is murder!" They're all hypocrites holdin animals in cages at home when they're tellin us they should be free.

Do you see how ridiculous this sounds? It's not only stupid, it's friggin prejudice. I've heard atheists say again and again, that religious people are a problem. They're ignorant. They force their beliefs on everyone. And then they go on about the "nonsense" they believe in. They call it all fake. On a couple occasions, when someone found out my religion, I was told it was all lies. That what I believe in was stupid. That everyone in my faith forces their beliefs on everyone else. "Oh. So what, are you gonna try to convert me?" SHOVE OFF! Do you see what you are doing? You're doing everything that you said was wrong about the religious person. People aren't gonna find out about my religion unless they ask, because I don't go forcing my beliefs down other people's throats. Ok, fine. You're stating your opinion. Why are you saying it in a confrontational manner? I've got nothing against atheists. Because they do raise up good points about the ridiculousness about religious people.

But that's everyone. Eeeeeeeeeeeeevery group has their large percentage of assholes. EVERY GROUP! Every race, gender, sub-group, age range, and every other clump of people in society. I could go on and on about every friggin group out there. But if you ask me, it's not about what someone is labeled. I'm not gonna judge you cause you're gay. I'm not gonna judge you cause you're atheist. I don't care if you're African. I don't care if you're a hipster. Does anyone else realize, that all these people in these groups.... are people? We're all the same guys! We all eat when we're hungry. We bleed when we get hurt. We piss when our bladder is full. All these labels mean nothing.

If anything, to me, there are two main labels. The assholes and the cool people. Anyone can be an asshole. Anyone can be cool. Just because you're an asshole, doesn't mean you're Catholic, punk, or Italian. And just because you're cool, doesn't mean you're Jamaican, Muslim, or ghetto. Being a good or bad person has nothing to do with ethnicity or religion or anything. I am proud to have the friends I have. They're diverse. I have friends who are atheist, Muslim, Hindu, Jamaican, Guyanese, Chinese, Japanese, Italian, Irish, Puerto Rican, Mexican, punks, rude boys, scene kids, hipsters, and many many other groups. They're all really good people.

"You think I give a shit?
If you're a socialist?
If you're a capitalist?
We've all got to exist
on this planet with nowhere to run
The millions of brainwashed must open their eyes
We are one"
- "Nowhere" by NoFX

We're sharin the same planet. How bout we... I don't know... put all our bullshit aside, and learn to coexist. We can't take out this group and that group because not everyone there is the same. As I said every group has their large percentage of idiots.

"Without people, you're nothing."
- Joe Strummer Punk Rock Warlord

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