Tuesday, July 6, 2010


I've always thought about it. We talked about it in Mr. Francisco's sociology class my senior year. Bad Religion even sung it. "I am a 21st century digital boy" My life runs on a battery. I'm even plugged into the wall sometimes. Today after work I wanted to just relax and watch some tunes on youtube (a common thing I do a lot in life). The thing was, that there was no internet. I'm not gonna lie, I was kinda bummed out. Captain Buzzkill of the day was Mr. Wireless Router for crappin out on me today, everyone give a round of applause. It's sad, that for me to relax, I needed a stupid screen that sings to me my favorite tunes.

When I'm not jamming, uhhhh... Hey! Check that out, I'm plugged into the wall via amplifier. When I'm not with friends... Oh wait, our cell phones keep us battery powered... Well, without cell phones... We're... crap... we've got our eyes glued to the screen watchin tv or a the movie screen, hands on a controller, coolin ourselves off with the air conditioning or else we melt away from the 80 degree weather, taking pictures of our non-narcissistic selves, listening to music even though we're talking to other people, or playing with our hand-held gadgets (PSPs, iTouches, Game Boys, etc.)

I'm not sayin it's bad. Well I actually kind of am. But this is the way we live. "Well I go out and play sports." Yeah man, I do too (although not as much as you do Mr. Ass-lete), but afterwards, you cool off in a pool, or grab a Gatorade out of your fridge, or cool off in your air conditioned home. Man I sound angry in this rant. Whatevers man. This is our society now-a-days. This is how we live. As much as I don't want to be technologically dependent (did I say that right?), we've gone too far to just go take all that good stuff away.

Hey look, I'm typing this thing on my laptop and posting it on the internet. And you're using the internet to read this... and your computer to access this content.

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