Wednesday, July 28, 2010

the nursing home

so uhhhh... it's 10:30. it's been forever since i've logged in. i feel kind dumb makin that whole to do list. ever since i started working, i havent had the time to write anything. i'm gonna pretend like i didnt post that. it'd be pointless to delete it i think. i mean anyone whos following me or has seen this has already seen it. and i'm too lazy to delete it anyways...

i'm just gonna go on about work right now, since thats the reason i havent written anything. i'm a dietary aide in cedar hill healthcare center. not a bad place i guess. there are different duties i take on depending on where they assign me that day. one day i'll be puttin soup on trays and then cleaning all the pots. another day i'll be puttin the resident's ticket, napkin, silverware, bottom and hot pellet, and 2 sugars on trays and then cleaning the food out of all the trucks (or food karts). on another day i'll pour coffee and send out the food trucks and then put plates and hot pellets back in their dispensers. sounds easy, pretty much kinda is, but remember, i'm doing it for over a hundred old people. and it gets pretty tedious. but whatever, i'm gettin used to it. the only thing that really does most of the tiring out and all the good stuff is the people there.

evening crew works from 3:30 to 7:30 (but we usually get out at 8). theyre all chill. the morning shift works from 6:30 (yes, thats right, i wake up 5:20 just to get ready for this) to 3:30. this shift is filled with grumpy assholes. "come on, hurry up!" "youre not doing it right" i always hear from them. "sorry man, i'm new!" whatever man. some of them are cool. i got a nickname. i was talkin to this one chick and didnt hear what she said. so i said, "i didnt hear what you said bro". and she responded, "bro?!?! want me to smack you?! callin me bro..." so now her and this other chick call me "bro".

oh yeah, i'm one of four people (not including bosses - which are only two) who are not black in dietary. me and my god-sister who got me the job are filipino, and then we got one dude whos indian and a chick whos... latin... i dont know what she is... but yeah, everyone else is black, which i think is cool. they all got thick accents. some or most are from jamaica. i know one dude is from giana. one dude from jamaica, whenever i'd see him gives me friendliest hello. "ay siiir! hows eet go-een?" he calls me boss sometimes. but yeah race and ethnicity aside, morning crew is filled with jerks. all they do is bitch and moan. i know this is what i'm kinda doin now, but they do also... a lot...

and then theres the residents. i kinda feel bad for the residents. some of them look miserable. they dont get a lot of visits from loved ones. theyre pretty much confined in there like a prison. with bingo.

some of the residents there are cool. kenny is an old black dude, glasses, cool hat, and mustache. he's always sayin hi to me, really chill man. another dude, george cabrales (i hope i spelled his name right) is cool. every day he asks me to get him a cola from the fountain. oh yeah, we have free fountain drinks. that thing is like my best friend there. whenever i'm thirsty, i'll sneak over there, grab a cup and take a gulp. we're not allowed to, but the people who trained me said i just gotta be careful of who i do it in front of.

bill is awesome. i dont understand a word that comes from his mouth. i understood three phrases from him out of all the times i've "spoken" with him. the one that stands out and is one of my favorite things thats happened to me at the nursing home, is when he said, "hm ah eez bra nerf you da man ryan. ha ha." whenever we "talk" i play along, he mumbles something and adds a small laugh at the end. i find it friggin hilarious.

this is gonna sound really mean, but i see a lot of those really old people you see in cartoons. the ones with the one tooth, hunched over in their wheelchair, baby faced expression, and childish speaking. it's kind of like they grew younger... but theyre good people. i've had no problems with any of the residents. theyre all nice people. working with them actually made me appreciate my youth. some of them cant eat solids. it's literally like being a baby again. they cant walk, i've seen one drool, as i mentioned they cant eat solids, i mentioned their baby faced expressions... seeing it all kinda just makes me think, "man i'm happy i'm still young".

work isnt that bad at all. i think i'm already used to it. but i dont wanna call it fact. i remember the third day, i came home an hour over clocking out time. i was dead tired. i remember feeling useless because of the people yellin at me that day. it was the morning shift and it was the douche bags that made me feel like that. but thats just an excuse. i was just being a wussy. it's all good now i guess. it's not as stressful as that day.

the only thing i dont like is that summer is half over and all i've done is work. i havent been able to hang out with most of the people i was looking forward to chill with over the summer. but whatever man. i knew that after high school, i would be kicked into the real world. this is it man. i gotta work to pay for school. oh yeah, look at that school's comin up in a little over a month. more work! yay! whatevers man. i'll manage.

by the way...
this isnt here to here me complain. i think i wrote this in another post. screw it man, i'm already typing this. but yeah man, i dont wanna sound like i'm complaining. i have a job which many people who are trying to snag are not able to obtain. it's puttin paper in my wallet (well rutger's wallet). and it's not a bad job. i'm pretty friggin lucky to have this job.


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