Tuesday, July 6, 2010

experienced with being not experienced at all

i used to say to people that i'm experienced with not being experienced at all. i've never had any real responsibilities. when ever i tried gettin a job, no one was hiring or was too young. high school work to me was nothing. i pretty much half-assed my high school career. i didn't work hard to be honest. i didn't do much. "well you did all those clubs and helped run the Hey Jude concert." yeah but that was all easy stuff. the people running the clubs and the show were really laid back people. i didn't work hard at all. for the eighteen years i've been chillin on this planet, i've pretty much done not much at all.

but today i walked into cedar hill nursing home, and made coffee for the WHOLE nursing home. i cleaned tables and trays and trays and trays of food. all the carts of food throughout the nursing home were cleaned out by three people, one them being me. then i took all the forks, spoons, and knives and put them into this little bag with a straw for people to grab the next day.

it wasn't hard, but it was really friggin tedious. i don't wanna complain though. i hear my friends complain about their jobs and i understand that it sucks. i don't blame them for saying how much they hate it. but they're payin me eight bucks an hour, so i'm just gonna smile and say it's alright.


peace bra-dahs

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