Monday, February 7, 2011

Day 27

Random Act of Kindness

So my band OUTTASHAPE played a our first (and last) show at the Wuzzup Cafe in Bergenfield. We play blah blah blah we go home. A week after the show I'm playin with YoMAmA. I got tired and wanted to just play with my Johnson. These are not euphemisms I have a YAMAHA bass that I covered the first A with an O and the H with an M to make YOMAMA. And Johnson is the brand name of the other bass. ANYWAY! I'm looking for it and looking for it and looking for it and then I realized, "Oh crap! I left it at the venue!" I start freaking out, calm down, and call the dude who organized the event. He said he had the bass and didn't know whose it was. I explained to him it was mine and what happened. I was later reunited with my Johnson. If it were a douche bag who saw my bass, I definitely would've never seen it again.

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