Thursday, January 6, 2011

Day 1

Introduction/ 15 Interesting Facts

30 days starts... now!

1) I'm physically there 100% of the time... mentally about 20%.
2) Growing up scares me. Growing old terrifies me.
3) I like to think of my life as a movie sometimes.
4) I could eat. and eat. and eat.
5) I could watch any zombie movie. good or bad. I love zombie movies.
6) I'm too stubborn accept help. If what I do sucks or is awesome, I like to have complete blame for it.
7) I am easily pleased. I was told I could eat anywhere I wanted for graduation. I picked Taco Bell.
8) I've never left the time zone. I've gone up to Toronto and down to Jacksonville, FL. Never left or right.
9) I don't drink or smoke. But I'm not straight edge.
10) I wanted to do engineering FOREVER. And then senior year I decided I wanted to do Visual Arts.
11) I've never broke a bone.
12) I'm a little Spanish. But I don't mention it because I don't think I have enough Spanish blood in me.
13) I only get full on meat. Yes that sounds bad. But I still feel hungry eating veges or pancakes or anything not dead animals.
14) If I'm dedicated or inspired enough, I will go for it.
15) I believe in the Titus Family Motto "Quit bein a wussy". Sometimes you just gotta stick it out.

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