Saturday, January 8, 2011

Day 3

Drugs and Alcohol

I went into high school with this "I don't wanna be like my peers" attitude. Every time I heard someone brag about gettin wasted the other night or talk about how high they got, I would think "I don't need that stuff to have fun". At the time I guess you could say it was my way of tryin to be "better" than them. But that's just nonsense to me now (to be "better" than someone). Unless he or she is Douche Bag McRapist Murderer, you're not better than anyone. Anyways (before I go into a completely other topic) I still stand as I don't need drugs or alcohol to have fun. But I don't consider myself as straight edge. I don't want to be labeled. And the meaning's changed. Although I would say, if anything, I'm original straight edge.
Drugs and alcohol are not bad. In moderation. Because everything is bad in excess if you think about it. Too many cheeseburgers you get high cholesterol and high blood pressure. Too much sugar gives you diabetes. Too much water you drown. See where I'm goin with this? If you have fun drinkin or gettin high, cool man. It's just not my thing. And a couple other reasons why I don't drink or smoke, is because A) everyone thinks I'm on something or drunk already. I don't feel like proving them right. B) Alcohol tastes nasty. It's a rancid drink, I don't see how people could just chug it down. and C) Imagine if I really was on something...

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