Friday, January 7, 2011

Day 2

Best Friend

This is kinda hard to write about. I don't like giving ranks to my friends. They're all pretty much my brothers and sisters to me. But I'll write about my closest. So I guess it won't be hard, but long (yes that's what she said). I'm not gonna use their names, because I haven't used any in other entries. So here we go. My best friends.

Best Friend A

I grew up with A. We met in kindergarten and we still talk now in college. So he's my oldest friend. We took guitar lessons together taught by my uncle. He turned into a sick guitarist, bustin out into solo and whatnot. His dad taught him drums before that so he could lay down some beats too. He's friggin smart. Really smart. He loves fishing and would drive anywhere if he wanted to. He's my oldest friend and I'm glad he's still there. In life you gotta accept the fact that some people aren't always gonna be there.

Best Friend B
B is actually a funny story. We met earlier in high school for a good 2 seconds. But me being Captain Oblivious didn't see anything of it. We started talking at the end of high school. Waaaaaay the heck towards the end. About 2 months before we graduated. Anyways we started talkin cause she worked in Rita's (an ice cream place). And me bein Captain Fatty always went to Rita's. I started seein her a lot so I ended up askin her out for some donuts after school. We ended up talkin a lot, went to prom (which we didn't even want to go to in the first place), hung out the whole summer and now she's one of my best friends. She doesn't give herself enough credit (I've told her this many times) but if you'd ask me or anyone else, she's really really really smart and works very hard. And that's actually something I admire because there's a lot of idiots out there nowadays. She's very creative and has talent that is gonna be put to good use (I mean she's goin to college for it). I could see her goin far in life.

Best Friend C
C is nuts. I don't know what I'd do without him. We actually met on facebook. We were talkin to this one girl and it turned out we both liked her (we actually just found this out recently). Anyways he adds me and sees that I skate and spray paint which is stuff that's he's into. I find out he drums. And now we jam almost every Friday. If it's nice out we'll skate. He's really good at skating. And drawing. If you're ever down C is definitely the dude to go to. He's an upbeat kid with an awesome sense of humor. We'll kick the crap out of each other or just pull stupid pranks on each other. It's always fun when he's around.

Best Friend D
D is really special to me. We were aware of each others' existence but never spoke to each other. Then one day our friend suggested me to spray paint her bass. And from there everything just fell into place. Now we talk every night. She's a full package. She's both beautiful and smart. She plays bass, guitar, piano, and she sings. That's just gnarly. She's a good pure person in general, which is hard to find today, so I'm glad to have her as a friend. And I'm lucky to be her man.

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