Sunday, January 30, 2011

Day 22

A Moment You Felt The Most Satisfied With Your Life

I can't really think of a specific moment where I was felt "the most satisfied" with my life. To be honest I haven't really done any "big" or prestigious accomplishments. I mean I graduated high school. But you're supposed to so that doesn't even come to mind when I have to think of accomplishments in my life. I think about the 1 lb burger and fries I devoured at Fudd Ruckers a couple times. Or the skateboard I made. But those aren't really "big" as to graduating college, or high school with honors. It doesn't match up to that or even writing a book. So there's no specific "moment" where I felt the most satisfied.

I can say that as of right now, I feel the most satisfied with my life. I've hit this point in my life where I realized life is good. I'm not tryin to sound like I hated life previously, it's just there's nothing (in my life at least) that I should be pissed off or upset about. It all started out my senior year of high school. Nothing was going wrong. My life was just ok. I mean I wasn't rich or anything crazy. I went to school, saw my awesome friends, went home to a great family, and played guitar. I thought man, "This is the life." I kinda just had this, this, epiphany if you will, that there's nothing to complain about. Things could be so bad but it's not. I wake up with a roof over my head in the morning. I come home to a meal on the table at night. Why would anybody complain about that? It's so stupid. What is there to be upset about?

Don't get me wrong, in the course since the beginning of my senior year (about a year and a half), there have been some hardships. My mom got laid off from her job. My dad had his 2nd... 3rd? stroke. My uncle is diagnosed with cancer. And my house goes under foreclosure. But things could've been worse. My dad or my uncle could've died. But no, they're alive and well. Instead of moving into the streets, I'm moving into my cousin's house in Clifton.

Truth is the world is gonna take giant shits on your life. Every friggin day. And you could take giant wiffs, and complain. "My life stinks!" Or you could mold it into something cool. "Yo I made a rocket-ship! ...haha i made a rocket-shit!" Can you see which one of them has more fun in life? And if you can't do anything with the crap in your life... flush it... It's shit,that's what we do with it in the bathroom after excreting it out of our bums.

I guess I'm just happy with my life. I may have strayed off topic. Let's see if I could tie it all together... By being happy and content with my life right now, I am the most satisfied I've been with my life. And every day I'll be even more satisfied learning and achieving more and all that good stuff.

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