Thursday, January 27, 2011

Day 19

Who/ What influences you?


I'll save that for day 25.



Most of my attitudes on things and philosophies were mostly molded by my music. Ska and Reggae music taught me not to hate. I don't care what religion, nationality or ethnicity you are. People are people. We're all human. Punk music taught me it's ok to be different. I was proud to be different from my peers in my high school (not that they were bad, I just don't like looking like someone else). Sublime taught me to love life. Minor Threat told me, "Yeah you don't drink or smoke? That's fine." NoFX taught me to keep the integrity of music. If I ever had a bad day I could look to my music to cheer me up. I'd watch band interviews and listen to them talk about this or that. I look up to some of these musicians. But I'll stop here and save that part for day 25.

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