Sunday, January 16, 2011

Day 11

Where I'd Like To Be In 10 Years

10 years. That's a long time from now. Aight, so, I guess I'd like to be in a successful band. Not so much rich and on MTV. But playin shows, sellin records, stuff like that. And then when I'm not touring or playin shows, I'm workin for Pixar or Dreamworks (if I'm on schedule, I should've graduated college 6 years prior). I'll be helpin out create Starscream in Transformers 8 or something. 28 is young if you ask me. A lot of MMA fighters are still in their prime or kickin ass at age 32 or 35. Musicians are still rockin out even though they're dinosaurs. Maybe in 10 years I'll have my own place. That'd be pretty cool. Nothing too fancy though. I'm not a mansion type of person. Let's see what 10 years... My Lola (tagalog for grandma) will be 103! Ummmm yeah that sounds perfect for 10 years from now.

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