Saturday, January 15, 2011

Day 10

Religious Beliefs

Jesus is up there.

I'm Catholic, but I have a lighter belief of him than most Catholics. Contrary to popular belief, I think God does have a sense of humor. If you tell a joke he will laugh. And he'll make jokes too! I mean c'mon why else was Justin Beiber born? I think of Jesus as a really cool dude. He's got the unbreakable zen.

There is an afterlife. Just because you don't believe, doesn't mean you're gonna go to hell. It's kinda like a student in class. He hates... HAAATES the teacher, doesn't agree with a word he says, constantly contradicts him, etc. But the student does all the homework and passes every test and quiz that is put in front of him. Does he pass the class? Yeah he does.

But this is just what I believe. Religion is a personal thing. You'll never find out my religion unless you ask. I believe religion should be kept to one's self. It's a personal enlightenment. I see people shove their beliefs down other people's throats and that's not cool. It's one thing to state your opinion but it's another to get annoying about it. And I'm not just talkin about better-than-everyone-else Christians. I'm talking about Atheists too. I understand these people are tryin to shove God down your throats but that does not give you the right to constantly ridicule other believers. Not all believers are annoying asso-lics or shit-stians. Not all Atheists are ass-thiest pricks. Learn to coexist guys.

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