Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Day 7

Strengths and Weaknesses

- Inspiration and Dedication: if I'm inspired enough to be dedicated to something to be done, I will do it.
- DIY: Do It Yourself. I'm good at working alone. I'll take things into my own hands to get it done.
- But I still am a team player. Most of the time I serve as the middle man or negotiator compromising for everyone else in the group. I will give up my opinion to please the other members.
- High tolerance to annoying. Since I'm pretty good at annoying people, I can avoid getting annoyed with others. Or the things that annoy most people, won't affect me because I have this "skill" of ignoring something. Whatever the heck that means.

- I'm lazy. Really really really lazy. I don't get half the crap I'm supposed to do done cause I'd be too lazy to do it.
- Procrastination: I put the pro in procrastinate. I am the procrastinate king. In high school I would wait until the end of the marking period to hand in all the crap I was supposed to weeks prior. In college I do papers 6 hours before the due. It's pretty bad.
- Hunger: I get hungry really easily. I'm kind of a fat-ass. I'll just eat. If I'm hungry, I can't concentrate, and since I can't do some things when I am concentrating, when I'm not it's impossible.
- Distractions: As I said, I could barely do things when I am concentrating. When I get distracted it's all over.
- Incompetence: I can be very incompetent at times. sometimes. most times.
- Retarded: see incompetence.
- When I get discouraged, I tend to put it off until I think I can do it. Then I do come back and get discouraged again. This cycle repeats FOREVER.
- Confidence: I tend to fail things a lot which is why I lack confidence sometimes. A lot of times.
- Physicality: When things get physical I don't last very long. I get tired easily. I'm not exactly the most athletic person you'd see. When I lift, it's not bringing up 20 lb barbells to my chest. I'm lifting a 1 lb cheeseburger into my mouth.

Smile. Smile big. It's the biggest middle finger to bad. It shows that you're ok (even if you're dying inside). Because you did not show defeat. Never reveal your weakness. Don't show what pisses you off. Smile big.
- Jay

I just realized I gave away my weakness. But only 3 people are gonna read this so it's ok.

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